Toronto’s Enduring Video Sales & Rental Shops: Where to Buy & Rent

Unlike most urban cities, Toronto is still blessed with several brick & mortar video stores, so before leaping to a conventional online merchant, consider shopping local. The option to buy, to own, and to rent is available at these merchants, many of which have been around for more than decade.

Several years ago I collated a list of the retail + rental shops, largely from info archived at the International Independent Video Store Day website, which itself has indexes of Canadian, American, and International shops. More specific profiles of Toronto stores – some of which have faded since being tallied 6 years ago – have appeared in BlogTO and The Toronto Film Scene.

The core bricks & mortar shops actively carrying Blu-rays + DVDs in Toronto are below. These physical locations rent & sell current, classic, cult, rare, and sometimes out of print titles, and also specialize in special orders for mainstream, niche, and collector-minded cinephiles:



BAY STREET VIDEO  (416-964-9088) — Rental / Sales
1172 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario.



EYESORE CINEMA  (416-955-1599) — Rental / Sales
801 Queen St W – 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario.



QUEEN VIDEO — Rental / Sales
480 Bloor Street West, Toronto — (416-588-5767)



SUSPECT VIDEO  (416-588-6674) — Rental / Sales
605 Markham Street, Toronto, Ontario.



2 FOR 1 MOVIES — Rental / Sales
2444 Bloor Street West, Toronto — (416-767-0110)



VINTAGE VIDEO — Rental / Sales
1298 Bloor Street West, Toronto — (416-538-9927)

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