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Just uploaded is a quartet of reviews for ongoing (and likely eternal) franchises:

Doctor Who continues to steam through new seasons, and Silva Screen’s latest release features 2+ hours of Murray Gold’s music from Season 6 [M]. Also from Silva is music from Sherlock: Season 1 [M], composed by David Arnold and Michael Price, who do a pretty good job aurally linking the series with the current feature film franchise, scored by Hans Zimmer.

Each camp sets Holmes and Watson in different time periods (films = past; TV = NOW!), but there are stylistic links among the scores, so I’ve added reviews of Zimmer’s Sherlock Holmes [M] (2009) and Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows [M] (2011), released on CD by Water Towne music (aka Warner Music).

In terms of new release info, I posted some horror-related material at my Rue Morgue blog.

Coming shortly: Citizen Kane & related doc material on Blu from Warner Home Video, and a few horror film reviews.



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