Twilight Time Goes to War, Part 4: Conflicted Nuns!

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This poster is actual faithful to the emotions and scenes in the film.

This installment’s a bit of a cheat, since the two represented films are romance-dramas set during WWII rather than straight action films, but the two flicks share one common element: conflicted nuns!

John Huston’s underrated, excellent drama Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison gets a nice Blu-ray release from Twilight Time, and I’ve added a review of Fox’ own 2007 DVD special edition of Sea Wife, released around the time they began winding down their studio classics line.


This poster is bullshit, as one member of the quartet doesn’t live to enjoy this voyage, and the torn, wind-blown attire infer the woman (who looks nothing like Joan Collins) is not particularly safe.

Nothing is more risque than nuns on a tropical island with a stud – that’s really the main hook for male and female audience members, right? – and while Deborah Kerr remains in habit and Robert Mitchum is aware of her status and faith in Allison, Joan Collins loses her habit during a ship evacuation in Sea Wife, making her identity a mystery to all but one man who, if the film had been shot in 2014, would’ve been as hot and bothered as co-star Richard Burton.

It’s worth noting both films were produced & released in 1957, which seems odd, unless Fox was exploiting the coincidental development of two properties based about hot nuns.

Either way, they present somewhat different scenarios of emotional and sexual tension under the watchful eyes and scissors of studio brass wanting to maximize profits without getting into trouble with the Production Code and the vile Catholic Legion of Decency.

Coming next: soundtrack reviews and a tribute to producer Jack H. Harris and all things Blob.




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