Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977) + Unwanted Bed Rest

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DeathBed_BRApologies for the long gap in updates, but way back on Dec. 23rd I was supposed to start a mini-vacation with a screening of Die Hard (1988) at The Bloor Cinema, plus a dinner… and then I got the flu… which pretty much knocked me out for days, racking up a whopping 10 hours of real sleep in 5 days.

This thing still lingers – today’s self-nourishing routine still mandated crawling back to bed for a bit after breakfast – but it is on the way out. It’s just taking a bloody long time. At its most surreal, I was seeing what resembled intersecting data streams when my eyes were closed, and those were probably during the two nights where I got zero sleep and just tossed and turned.

When conscious, I did manage to watch a batch of films, so expect uploads almost every day.

The first is an expanded review of Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977), which Cult Epics released in a nice Blu-ray edition that I covered for Rue Morgue magazine back in August.

If my voice doesn’t sound too raspy tonight and the coughing finally tempers down, on Tuesday I should have the mixed podcast with Dave Strohmaier, where the Cinerama Historian discusses working with the iconic wide film format, and restoring the recently reviewed Holiday in Spain / aka Scent of Mystery (1962).

The next podcast is with composer John Murphy regarding his album Anonymous Rejected Film Score, and coming soon after are interviews with composer Craig Safan on the recent expanded CD and vinyl releases of Warning Sign (1985), and the director and subject of the film composer documentary Chasing Notes (2014), James Goodwin and Jaymee Carpenter, respectively.

Right now, I go finish my mug of rosehip, followed later on by ginseng, and hope a nap won’t be required again. Because this is getting ridiculous.




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