The Films of Yasuharu Hasebe, Part 1: Black Tight Killers (1966) + Massacre Gun (1967)

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This may be a stretch, but I think this poster was hand-drawn by one of the Rocket Robin Hood animators.

In the fall of 2014, Britain’s Arrow Films announced their intention to start releasing titles in North America – welcome news to fans of their exhaustive special editions that rival even Criterion releases, in terms of extras (like isolated music tracks) and gorgeous transfers – and the first titles (all new to Blu-ray) under the Arrow Video USA brand via MVD Visual started to appear around February / March.

Yes, Mario Bava’s Blood and Black Lace is still on hold (although one can purchase the BR from Britain), but there are plenty of other goodies that have materialized, and the first Arrow title I’m covering is Yasuharu Hasebe’s second feature as director, Massacre Gun (1967), a Yakuza / film noir hybrid. Paired with the film is Black Tight Killers (1966), Hasebe’s first film, released on DVD by Image and a prime candidate for an HD release (if not a limited theatrical run).

I’m about to start sound editing BSV 1172 which should become an exceptional time hog next week, but coming next: another set of film reviews and soundtrack reviews.




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