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August 6, 2015 | By

FilmMusicReviews_square_picJust uploaded are reviews of a trio of solid soundtrack releases: Joe Kraemer’s great Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) from La-La Land Records, Carter Burwell’s Mr. Holmes (2015) from Lakeshore Records, and Jerry Goldsmith’s Warlock (1989), newly remastered & expanded by Intrada.

Coming shortly will be another set of score reviews, plus some interviews, articles, and reviews previously published in my old Rue Morgue blog.

Also coming is an Editor’s Blog on the recent demise and utterly weird scenarios that befell the cadaver of hitchBOT, the kid-sized immobile robot designed by a Canadian team that managed to travel successfully across Canada and parts of Europe but ended up decapitated two weeks into its east-west American trek. Expect a lengthy piece this weekend, as there’s more to this story than a social experiment cut short by a sadistic arse.

Last note: tonight is the first of four or five debate in what’s billed as the longest and costliest election in modern Canadian history. Debates are performances filled with posturing, bullshit, and dueling personas. You can ignore the whole thing, but what if your ultimate decision October 19th proves regretful? Can you stomach that for 4 years ?




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