Shakespeare, Bergman, Mendelssohn, and Woody in less than 90 mins.

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MidsummerNightsSexComedy_BRTwilight Time’s gradually mining of the Orion catalogue featuring Woody Allen films continues with this gorgeous HD transfer of A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy (1982), a film that was reportedly regarded by critics during its theatrical release as meh, if not okay, while Mia Farrow – in her first of multiple Allen films – earned a Golden Razzie Award Nomination that seems unfair. She’s fine, the cast is fine, Jose Ferrer is great, and there are a handful of hysterical lines that zing whenever one feels the film is getting a bit too serious.

The most attractive aspect has its adult cast looking back and weighing the value of regrets – people one should’ve asked deeper questions, engaged in free-for-all whoopee, or not married at all – which sets it apart from Allen’s more satirical, sketch comedy efforts of the early seventies.

If nothing else, there’s Gordon Willis’ stunning cinematography, and some fine montages (of which the ‘awakening forest animals’ is a special highlight).

More stuff coming next as I post material written and edited after that nasty cold.




Mark R. Hasan, Editor

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