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“It’s not if they die, but when” is a hardcore axiom for anything tied to computers, and that certainly holds true for a router, basically the distribution box that sends live internet to a variety of computers, and allows those computers to swap data. When that sucker goes bad, things get a bit chaotic, hence the long delay it getting things uploaded to both the website and related media channels.

The good news is that during the down time, I finished the visual podcast for The Mask (1961), which features two distinct sets of abstract images tied to the 2012 and 2015 pre-screening intros at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.

The router’s slow and very annoying demise also made getting 1 GB files up on YouTube tough, but after multiple trials and much, much wasted time, it’s up there. That sucker is finally done, as is a comparative review of KINO’s Blu-ray and DVD editions. Expect them to be live this weekend, plus HD extracts and a making-of blog at Big Head Amusements.

I’ll also post several Arrow and Twilight Time Blu-ray reviews, but for now, here’s a podcast interview with Tom Roston, author of I Lost It at the Video Store: A Filmmaker’s Oral History of a Vanished Era (The Critical Press), conducted while he was attending Hot Docs 2016 for PBS’s POV website. iTunes, Libsyn, and YouTube editions of my conversation with Roston are now live.

Also posted is a review of Roston’s book, which will be followed next week by a book review of Noel Mellor’s nostalgia piece, Adventures in VHS.

Lastly, also available is Part 1 of edited excerpts from Roston’s lengthy discussion and Q&A with NOW Magazine’s Norman Wilner at Toronto’s Bay Street Video.




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