Time to Move…

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As I may or may not have mentioned in prior blogs, I’m moving to a new pad which, for someone who reviews, publishes, podcasts, and does assorted visual material for shorts and podcasts, is a challenge, given reviewers have boxes of media that make up their professional & personal archive, and filmmakers & video artists with a particular bent have a certain measure of chunky gear that needs to be properly taken down, carefully packed, and get ready for the moving truck.

Put another way, moving is the thing most people avoid because it is one of the most stressful things guaranteed to occur more than once in a lifetime. My personal move tally is closing in on 10 over a 22 year period, which isn’t bad, but there’s always been a hefty amount of stuff to sort, cast off, pack, and so on.

Ergo, the delay in posting reviews this past week comes from sorting & packing things which, between my usual gig, makes final editing and posting a bit tough. To add to the challenge, while the phone should be up & running within 48 hours, the internet won’t, due to the provider being at the mercy of a major telco’s chain of importance. It makes sense for third party providers riding on the lines of a monopolistic entity, but 6 days without any service is a challenge, so it may not be until Thursday or Friday until the first smattering of reviews are live.

To illustrate the transition from order to organized chaos, I’m larding this Editor’s Blog with a photo montage of the past days ‘fun’ + dry, smart-assed comments. If I can get the kitchen packed up, I might be able to squeeze a pair of reviews out Wed. night, when I make a quick run to a free internet locale and see what aspects of civilization I’m missing.



Moving food: Denninger’s cabbage roll + slice roma tomatoes + basmati rice, in a bowl, because gravy / sauce is mandatory.


Special thanks to Tami & Ken for the cabbage rolls, the gracious cleaning lady for the treasure trove of bread, my boss for more boxes and three servings of his special pulled pork delicacy, and the Great God Espresso.



Swedish tiger Fuzzball [fuze-buhl] approves of my next review title.


And Fuzzball the Swedish Tiger for keeping things calm with his staid expressions of ‘You’re doing fine, That’s not correct, That doesn’t belong there, and Really? You’re keeping that?’



What is my mandatory Showtime Video Ventures gizmos for analogue video effects, all neat & cozy in a box.



Assorted media and analogue gear, waiting to be sealed in a box. Goddammit that RCA CC002 camera tucked to the left is a heavy bastard.



YES, I am taking my RCA CED videodisc player with me.



The box cutter and tape must always be close at hand, or disaster strikes hard.



A ‘small’ sample of the coax, multi-pin, and other cables that are necessary for, well, everything I do (except baking biscotti).



IKEA IVAR shelves that can hold even 130 pound VCRs.



IKEA IVAR side panels.



Past a vintage JVC SEG switcher rests a Christmas cactus and a creepy gnome that keeps karma balanced.



Fuzzball keeping the music playing on a Rio Karma, a donation from the House of WeaselVision that, while not in great shape, still works. On the Playlist: the music from The Eagle (aka the Danish series Oernen) by Jacob Groth (The Girl Who Played with Fire).


More nonsense to follow.



Mark R. Hasan, Editor

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