Jane Birkin for Agnes Varda x2 on Blu

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After moving to a new place in August of 2016, a batch of review titles got lost in the shuffle, packed in very silly ways among wholly unrelated items when boxes, packing material, and packing tape started to run out, so I’m posting reviews of some prior releases, now that a few titles that were part of the Review Next! pile were recently / finally found.

First up is the excellent 2-disc Blu-ray set from Cinelicious Pics of Agnes Varda’s Jane B. par Agnes V. and King-fu master! which form a two-film collaboration between the Nouvelle Vague director and actress Jane Birkin.

Both films are quite excellent, and although never intended to be screened theatrically as a double-bill during their release in 1988, there’s no reason not to watch them a few days apart. I found the gap allowed each film to settle in one’s mind, and I’d suggest watching first Jane B., Varda’s playful, ‘fantasy documentary’ on Birkin, before the drama Kung-fu master, which deals with the burgeoning attraction between an older woman and a teenage boy.

I reviewed both films in one piece since they are interrelated, and coming next is The Russia House (1990), released on Blu by Twilight Time.




Mark R. Hasan, Editor

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