Jeff Grace: Aspects of Fright

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As sometimes happens, one does an interview, and it gets pushed aside for a short period until it can be timed with a particular film, and then the tie-in gets bumped. You remember it some time later (“Aha!”), plan to make a fresh tie-in, and then it all gets bumped again, which is sort of what happened to a Q&A I did with Jeff Grace around the DVD release of I Sell the Dead, Glenn McQuaid’s fun black comedy for which Grace composed a witty, warped little score.

Grace also answered a few questions about Ti West’s The House of the Devil, which I still insist is the best recreation of an Italian slasher filmed in the United States during the eighties rather than a standard slasher flick. The composer also mentioned I Can See You, Graham Reznick’s feature film debut, of which the score was double-billed with House on MovieScore Media’s CD.

So after a year (ahem), I’ve tweaked the interview [M] from 2009 / 2010 and added related film reviews for House of the Devil (covered when it came in theatres, I must add) and I Can See You [M] (which Kino double-billed with Reznick’s really interesting 3D short “The Viewer”), plus MSM’s soundtrack album [M].

I’ve also included a review of Grace’s I Sell the Dead [M] score (also from MSM), since I also covered the DVD when it too came out.

There. Now it’s all done.

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