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March 14, 2011 | By

This one’s a quickie, as I’m finishing up on several themed blogs & reviews for this week.

Just uploaded are reviews of Jason Graves’ score for the video game Dead Space 2 [M] (released by E.A.R.S.), Andrew Hewitt’s Cuckoo [M] (MovieScore Media), and Alan Ari Lazar’s music for Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema [M] (Lakeshore Records).

The last film [M] I reviewed last week, and is part of a series on gangster films (of which another trio will be up shortly).

Coming next: an examination of the thematic links between the zombie and post-apocalyptic disaster genres in AMC’s wonderful series The Walking Dead (Anchor Bay).

Oh, and just in case this may never have crossed the mind: in this blog (as well as its clone at Blogger), when you see the following – [M] – it means there’s a link to a mobile version of the review.

You’re welcome.



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