Eros III – ‘Somewhere There’s a Heart…’ + VOTE TODAY

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May 2nd means it’s spring, alhough this past Sunday you’d think we sold our typically nice weather to England (or maybe someone took it with them on a recent flight to Europe), but no matter.

The big news today is Osama Bin Laden is now fish food, and in Canada it’s the Federal Election. You know, the thing you’ve been avoiding because it’s a choice between three lesser idiots.

I hate politics, yet watch news thrice daily, and no political party nor leader reflects my interests wholeheartedly, but there is a lesser idiot for everyone, and I picked mine at the advance poll to get it out of the way, and leave room for catching films at Hot Docs (because human suffering on a global scale, captured on film by the hundreds, seems more weighty than seeing another minority parliament peppered with more bickering until the next election next year, which we figure could happen yet again).


One’s a powermonger, one’s a professor way out of his league, and the other’s promising benefits to be paid for using non-existant ‘revenue tools’, but a change in power concentrations might work for the better, or maybe nothing will change, but your vote counts. We could be ruled by a despot whose managed to enforce a 30 year ’emergency measures’ doctrine destined to be upheld by one of several stupid sons when said despot dies, but instead we have a democracy to retain, reduce the power of, or send a fuck-you protest vote to a helmet head who likes to murder Beatles songs on piano, so make the effort to make a difference, or keep the status quo if that’s your inkling.

Just do it.

Just uploaded are reviews for a pair of erotische filmski courtesy of Impulse Pictures / Synapse Films. Aphrodisiac! The Sexual Secret of Marijuana [M] (1971) is a fake documentary concocted by clever smut peddlers who use of their friends in the adult industry, and it’s a surprisingly entertaining piece of nonsense.

Schoolgirl Report #7: “What the Heart Must Thereby…” / Schulmädchen-Report 7: Doch das Herz muß dabei sein [M] (1974) is the seventh of thirteen (THIRTEEN?) entries in Germany’s naughty girl films that purport to argue moral arguments using dramatized events, but it’s all bullocks. It was an excuse for the filmmakers to find comedy in moraily vignettes starring blatant actors and actresses rather than so-called ‘real students and their parents.’ My halb-Deutsch comprehension paid off by finding more bon mots / maudits in the original German dub track than the English subtitles, and this politically wrong franchise contiues to sell wel internationally. Must be the uniquely Germanic grasp of absurdity and fun with”bunsten.”

Heading out the door for the first Hot Docs flick, Grande Hotel, for which I’ll have a review up within the next 24 hours, with some interesting graphic links.

Now go vote for the idiot of your choice.



Mark R. Hasan, Editor

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