The Mystique of Denmark’s The Killing / Forbrydelsen

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Don't mess with the Danish Sweater Girl! / Nyall maesij mit dat swootjelore Danske!

It’s Thanksgiving up here, and the trees are already shifting colours, birds are grouping together before the big flight south, and millions of our psychotic, window-licking black squirrels are fattening themselves up in advance of the evil white stuff [snow].

Just uploaded is the thing that devoured a substantial chunk of my time last week – Season 1 of the original Danish series The Killing / Forbrydelsen [M] which aired in 2007 and spawned two additional season (one which is airing right now).

At some point I’ll watch the U.S. version that aired on AMC – purely for comparison, and curiosity as to how they adapted the material and characters for the American market – but coming soon will be a review of Season 2.

This is my first exposure to Nordic TV series, and I get it: they’re amazing for their characters, plotting, pacing, mood, and nuances. They are the crack cocaine of mystery TV series, and I bow to their superiority. Hopefully Frans Bak’s score CD will get some wide distribution in Europe, given he scored both the Danish and U.S. series.

Coming next: CD reviews of Arbitrage, Blade Runner, and Looper, plus reviews of two films currently screening at The Bloor: Detropia (2012) and Reqiem for Detroit? (2010).



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