At Long Last Love to debut via Twilight Time + spring & early summer releases

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Yes, really.


Twilight Time just announced their spring / early summer upcoming releases, and it’s a really diverse mix featuring Brian DePalma’s The Fury (March 12); John Carpenter’s Christine (March 12); and the beautiful The Song of Bernadette (March 26).

April arguably offers the most unique collection: Sam Peckinpah’s flawed Major Dundee (April 9, in a 2-disc set presumably offering the two scores on the prior SE DVD); and Peter Bogdanovich’s At Long Last Love [M] (April 9), the director’s biggest career dud, long unavailable on video anywhere. While not an official Twilight Time title, the label is handling the Blu-ray’s full production for Twentieth Century-Fox, and the non-limited title will be available only via Screen Archives Entertainment (as with all Twilight Time titles). Really looking forward to extras, and hoping Bogdanovich has some candid reflections on what he was going for, and why he felt the film (justly or unjustly) received such a scathing critical assault during its theatrical release.

May 14 brings out Philadelphia (I know: The studio felt this Oscar-winning film wasn’t worthy of a wide BR run?), and my favourite colour noir (if not among my top fav films): Leave Her to Heaven [M]. Buying this Gene Tierney classic is a no-brainer, and I can’t wait to see this example of Technicolor excellence.

Lastly, June 11 will offer Walter Hill’s first two directorial efforts:  Hard Times, a really underrated drama about bare-fisted boxers starring Charles Bronson and James Coburn; and The Driver, which itself took years to appear on VHS and later DVD. Also coming out the same day is George Stevens’ career swan song, The Only Game in Town, with Liz Taylor. It’s another long unseen cult film.

Overall, good news for classic film connoisseurs, and Walter Hill fans, as the director’s been kind of forgotten on home video lately in spite of returing to film after a 10 year absence with Bullet to the Head, released today.

It has to be better than Supernova (2000).




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