Doc Martin: The Current Years (2011-2013)

March 5, 2014 | By

He’s still grumpy, still brilliant, gets the girl, and spawns a little Doc.

Here’s the second half of my Doc Martin coverage, focusing on Seasons 5 and 6, the latter of which debuts in Canada in a belated March release from Acorn Media. I still plan on tracking down some of the foreign spin-off series which were produced in Germany, France, and Spain; if not to review, then to peek at how the character was adapted for these distinct markets.

Those curious about the music can also read an interview I conducted with series composer Colin Towns, whose theme is an integral part of the show’s success.

As you’ll notice, is looking a wee bit different, and as mentioned in the last blog, it’ll become a professional C.V. site, with the Editor’s Blog ultimately absorbed into the new (ideally set to launch at the end of the month). So for the time being, please tolerate (enjoy?) the gradual changes as remaining elements of the old theme are updated to the new one in something called biomorphe-klappdendoopen-krunsch.

Coming shortly: a review of When Jews Were Funny, Alan Zweig’s 2013 documentary which recently played at the Bloor Cinema.




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