Film: Sacro GRA (2013)

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SacroGRA_poster_bFilm: Very Good

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Genre:  Documentary / Hot Docs 2014

Synopsis: Loose snapshot of the various people who live close to the highway that encircles Rome.

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Looping around Rome is Grande Raccordo Anulare, a circular highway that crosses over waterways, snakes through historic and not-so historic neighbourhoods, and over which scrape airplanes from its international airport, but nestled in every pocket, street corner, strip bar, and apartment complex are a wealth of characters spanning an assorted economic and social strata.

Director / cinematographer / writer Gianfranco Rosi follows a select group of local characters – owners of a gaudy villa, street vendors, a fisherman, ambulance driver, a palm tree beetle hunter, and apartment dwellers in pocket-sized units – and interweaves their conversations and activities in what feels like a ‘week in the life of’ episodes, and for the most part it works. Sacro GRA follows the popular format of telling a location’s story through glimpses of subjects wholly uncaring of the camera’s presence; relying on human interest slivers and natural sounds; and applying strikingly composed visuals in place of any music and narration. Rosi’s measured pacing may get heavy near the end, but the contrasting locations and characters are oddly fascinating.



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