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Bruce Campbell ist zuruck!

Just posted is an expanded  review of Twilight Time’s Blu-ray of Mindwarp / aka Brain Slasher, Fangoria’s first of three theatrical film productions originally released by Columbia Pictures in their attempt to cash in on the low budget, gory horror wave, but not really giving any of the three films (which include Children of the Night and Severed Ties) much P.R.

I kind of remember them going straight to video, and only being aware of Children of the Night because its soundtrack album was released by one of my favourite old labels, Bay Cities.

The composer? Daniel Licht, the man responsible for the witty scores for TV’s Dexter (2006-2013), whom I interviewed for RM back in 2007. (The Mindwarp review is also cross-posted at Rue Morgue, since the original review was repositioned from a print version to a straight online version.)

I’ve got several uploads coming shortly – Wild at Heart is being rewritten because I’m tying it with another adaptation of Barry Gifford’s Perdita Durango (1997), based on a character played in WAH by Isabella Rosellini in monkey-brow mode – and a podcast, a book review, plus a set of film reviews from the 2014 Toronto Jewish Film Festival.

Some issues with new software wasted chunks of the weekend, and once again reminded me how time evaporates whenever there’s a computer thing that’s not on the right. You research, you fiddle, you uninstall, reinstall, and a day later while futzing around over a morning coffee, you stumble upon the solution that was simple, and not quite staring you in the face, but not hiding in some murky realm, either.

Thanks for your patience….



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