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RedSky_CD_bannerThis fall’s going to be very interesting for the amount of projects on the go and in need of completion, including several short films like my doc BSV 1172, which was shot back in 2012, needs some pick-ups, and chunks of time to essentially play and experiment with assorted analogue gear to finish sequences and get a full assembly edit.

I’ll be uploading reviews and interviews in clusters this week because I’m re-organizing the home-office environment into something less cluttered. Once I get some shelves out of storage, I’ll have a wraparound IVAR setup which will organize the gear way better.  I also have to adapt a smaller IVAR unit into a kind of camera cart which will make it easier to setup a camera with a power supply and assorted mixers.

That flexibility will help when making further backgrounds and animated montages for upcoming podcasts with composers and filmmakers. I’ll have related soundtrack reviews shortly, but my lengthy conversation with Timothy (Tim) Williams is now live.


Here’s the podcast archived on YouTube:


Williams learned the film scoring ropes at the BBC when it stilled maintained a stellar team of in-house talent. He then studied in Ontario before moving to Los Angeles, and has been an in-demand orchestrator, working with Alan Menken, David Sardy, and Tyler Bates.

His most recent scores are for Mario van Peebles’ Red Sky (released by Lakeshore Records), Walking with the Enemy, and the upcoming horror / sci-fi film by Cube‘s David Hewlitt, Debug.

The podcast contains a trio of short score extracts from Red Sky, and those interested in how video grain was created using something rather unconventional can read the making-of blog at Big Head Amusements, which includes a link to the extracted montages on Vimeo, and stills of unused / used effects and montages like this:




The next podcast will feature a conversation with composer Ceiri Torjussen (The Test), whose latest score graces Ivan Kavanagh’s The Canal.




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