CD: Blob, The (1988)

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12 page insertScore: Very Good

Label: La-La land Records

Released:  April 26, 2011

Tracks / Album Length:  18 tracks / (55:33)

Composer: Michael Hoenig

Special Notes:  Booklet with liner notes / Limited to 2000 copies.




Former Tangerine Dream member & Michael Hoenig (The Wraith, and the superb Dark Skies) crafted a clever little score using deep, resonating synths and actual brass instruments for his slow-oozing narrative about interstellar pink goo gradually wreaking hell on a small town.

From the ambient tones arise metallic sounds and sampled vocals like a miasma, hovering before some classic shock stab, and by the score’s finale it’s a snarling mélange of weird brass figures, and layers of electronic textures that splatter and screech.

Amid Hoenig’s original cues are remnants of the film’s temp track (“Sleeping Pill” blatantly grabs major melodic material from Jerry Goldsmith’s Capricorn One love theme), but it’s a minor quibble with an otherwise fun B-movie score written with an obvious affection for vintage drive-in fodder.

Few of Hoenig’s scores exist on CD, making this limited expanded and remastered disc mandatory for fans of vintage electronica.



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