CD: Nightmare (2015)

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Nightmare2015_sScore: Excellent

LabelMVD Audio / Elite Entertainment

Released:  January 27, 2015

Tracks / Album Length:  9 tracks / (49:00)

Composer: Dante Tomaselli

Special Notes:  n/a




For his third audio horror album, filmmaker Dante Tomaselli switches to a decidedly early eighties mode, at least with the fragments of recurring music and bass drones that evoke both slasher and thriller films with mechanical, man-slicing monsters.

Crafted with the same careful attention towards fine nuances and offering a richer variety of sounds, Nightmare is arguably a more ambitious project, largely because its themed nightmares – tumbling into a deep hole, a mausoleum, a lake, and more – offer discrete shocks, cold chills, and shoulder taps at every corner. The swirling sound design fully immerses the listener into a kind of watery, open-eyed stasis, where one floats and observes, but is powerless to flee, let alone wake up.

There’s a greater density of material here, brilliantly edited and mastered, with each nightmare flowing into the next for 49 mins. of eerie fun.

Nightmare was preceded by the albums  Scream in the Dark (2014) and The Doll (2014).

Note: Interviews with Dante Tomaselli from 2014 and 2007 are also available.



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