Ozploitation at its Finest: Turkey Shoot (1982)

February 18, 2016 | By

TurkeyShoot_posterBack in December I reviewed for Rue Morgue magazine Synapse’s swell Blu-ray edition of Turkey Shoot / Escape 2000, a classic 1982 ozploitation film that’s endured as a classic of glorious excess and exploitation goodness, and I’ve expanded the piece with more details on the extras and its unique elements (a few being eerily contemporary).

An expanded review of Cult Epics excellent Blu-ray of Angst (1983) is also in progress, plus a pair of Jess Franco classics.

Those free tonight should head down to The Royal Cinema to catch a 35mm screening of Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm II (1988), which starts at 8pm, as is part of RM’s ongoing Cinemacabre Movie Nights series. Visit RM’s website or check out the Facebook post for more info on this rare chance to see a film print of this cult classic.

I’m pre-committed to catching the Toronto production at the Alumnae Theatre of Rob Becker’s Defending the Caveman starring Andrew Chapman. Expect a review and maybe some bonus media this weekend. Show details are available at the official website and Facebook page.

Also coming soon: an in-depth review of KINO’s The Mask (1961) Blu-ray and DVD (each sporting different extras… grrr) and some bonus media with very trippy visuals, ‘hand-crafted’ using a 1976 Atari Video Music synthesizer.

When the footage is projected on a big monitor, your head may feel like it’s about to explode.








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