Podcast with composer Nima Fakhrara (1979 Revolution: Black Friday + The Girl in the Photographs)

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Apartment hunting in general is not fun, because there’s always a deadline looming and the fear of a scramble for anything-anywhere starts to build up. Summer offers that narrow window of opportunity when students give notice and head home, and affordable places start to materialize, but only for a tight period, until new students snap them up and what’s left may not be ideal.

Having plowed through listings this past weekend and ultimately settled on a new pad, I can resume posting new material, knowing one big stressor is gone. (Of course coming soon is packing / moving / unpacking / generous beer consumption.)


Sample frame grabs from three montages:





1979RevolutionBlackFriday_sMy audio podcast with Persian-American composer Nima Fakhrara is now live on iTunes and Libsyn, and the visual podcast featuring images originating from an oscilloscope is up at KQEK.com’s YouTube channel.

GirlInThePhotographs_sA short making-of blog at Big Head Amusements will follow sometime next week, along with extracts of the visuals, but also posted at KQEK.com are reviews of the scores we discuss in the podcast, the horror film The Girl in the Photographs and the interactive video game 1979 Revolution: Black Friday (both available from Lakeshore Records).

Coming next: another set of neo-noirs, Bob Rafelson’s underrated Black Widow (1987) and Peter Meadak’s Romeo is Bleeding (1993), both on Blu from Twilight Time.




Mark R. Hasan, Editor

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