Women in Prison, Part III: Jungle Warriors (1984)

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Apparently in Egypt, when women rebel against male arrogance, they enter a state of ocular bliss.

With the review of Jungle Warriors / Euer Weg führt durch die Hölle [M] (1984) now live, one would think that’s all one can say about WIP films, but Aha! you are mistaken, because this genre is more populous than one would believe.

JW, in fact, isn’t a true WIP film, but a WIJP (Women in Jungle Prison) film – a variant that adds some exotica to already politically incorrect elements, generous moments of cruel nudity, and foliage.

It sounds insignificant (and may well be, when compared to Kurosawa’s empirical dialectic on the non-sequitorium vashtinator modes inherent to the samurai film under the aegis of global mossium-pablum and female wig making cooperatives), but JW is a strange mix of elements packed into what’s essentially a disposable grindhouse idiocy.

No, Linda Blair doesn’t appear in JW, but Sybil Danning and John Vernon do, as well as Marjoe Gortner, Alex Cord, Dana Elcar, and Paul Smith, riffing his evil Turkish prison guard persona so beautifully honed in Midnight Express (1978).

This is the last of the 3 films in Panik House’s new WIP trilogy (including Chained Heat [M] and Red Heat [M]), offered in conjunction with Mr. Skin, but have no fear, because this particular stream of grindhouse fodder doesn’t end here. In upcoming installments I’ll have additional reviews, including that other WIP film Blair doesn’t care to discuss (and rightly so) – Savage Island (1985).

Lastly, those familiar with JW will be aware of its unique claim in possessing one of the most wretched theme songs in history. Crooned by Marina Arcangeli, I’ve taken great pains to not only transcribe the lyrics, but add latinesque performance notations, so you too can sing like an ‘arch angel’ and be emboldened with the same hunger for “heat” that Arcangeli demands over 4 minutes of interminable musical crapulence.

‘Yes, yes,’ that is all.



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