Nikkatsu Naughties: Part 1

August 9, 2012 | By

Free to be… uh… you and me?

Impulse Pictures, distributed via Synapse, has thus far released six entries in Nikkatsu’s Roman Porno series, and the first two reviews are ‘up’:

Zoom In: Sex Apartments / Zûmu in: Bôkô danchi [M] (1980), the weird giallo-ish hybrid, where a serial rapist & killer (in that order) uses imflammatory tactics to indulge in very politically incorrect behaviour (often in plain daylight).

–  and Zoom Up: The Beaver Book Girl / Zûmu appu: Binîru-bon no onna [M] (1981), where a mysterious woman seems all too willing to pose and get wet for a panty photographer in what seems to be a thriller, but possibly a subversive political trumpet call celebrating recreational watersports of a non-Olympic variety.

Think about it.



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