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Just uploaded is a review of Hatfields & McCoys [M] , the 3-part mini-series which ran on the History Channel and is out on DVD & Blu. Point #1: this is not a western, so for foes of the genre, this production is Safe. Point #2: it’s also a classically structured TV mini-series, which means cliffhanger finales + a huge cast of characters.

Point #3: buried inside the group of veteran (Kevin Costner, Bill Paxton) and new thespian faces is a virtually unrecognizble Tom Berenger, who’s frankly outstanding. When the end credits rolled after Part 2 was done, I noticed his name & thought ‘Tom Berenger? Who’d he play? Maybe it’s a leftover credit from a snipped role.’ Then I noticed he was listed as being present in all 3 parts, and realized the guy who looked slightly familiar yet was undiscernable due to make-up and a tight accent was in fact Berenger. Nicely played.

Another great reason to watch this dramatic, action-heavy and very tragic saga of America’s best-known feud is the music, which is a great blend of acoutsic and slightly contemporary sounds. The podcast with Emmy-Nominated Tony Morales (who co-composed the score with John Debney) is also up, and buyers ought to be aware / beware there are 2 albums in circulation: the score album [M] (available digitally via Silva Screen), and a music-from-and-inspired-by album featuring Kevin Costner and his band. Look for the above cover, and you’ll be safe.

There have been a number of attempts to dramatize and satirize the feud, but perhaps it’s a generational thing, because my point of reference isn’t a TV movie nor feature film, but the 1950 Merry Melodies Warner Bros. short “Hillbilly Hare .”



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