Soundtrack Reviews: Renewed Franchises

April 29, 2013 | By

Franchises are both a boon for the studios wanting to expand the lifespan of an existing franchises, as well as composers who get a crack at tackling an iconic series, remake, or re-imagining. Just uploaded is a review of Bear McCreary’s Battlestar Galactia: Blood & Chrome [M], and Roque Banos’ superb Evil Dead [M] (both from La-La Land Records).

Banos’ effort may be the best horror score of 2013 so far, and he’s another example of the amazing talent in Spain. McCreary, in turn, has taken on a new challenge: launching his own record label, Sparks & Shadows, which will primarily handle his own work. The first four titles slated for release are two albums for the Trion Worlds videogame and SyFy series Defiance, the Starz / BBC series Da Vinci’s Demons, and the feature film Europa Report. I’ll have a review of Defiance shortly, alongside a trio of related videogame scores.

Coming next: Twilight Time’s Blu-ray of another extended franchise, Night of the Living Dead (1990), and Roy Frumkes’ own effort to update and contextualize his Dawn of the Dead documentary, Document of the Dead (Synapse Films).



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