Frizzi to Fulci, Part 1 + Soundtrack Reviews

October 24, 2013 | By

Unable to make it? Me too, so let’s hope a DVD and / or album will follow soon after the concert!

Just uploaded is Part 1 of a lengthy podcast with renowned Italian film composer Fabio Frizzi in anticipation of his Halloween concert “Frizzi to Fulci” at London’s Union Chapel, presented by Death Waltz Records and Paint It Black London.

Best known for his scores for horror director Lucio Fulci, Frizzi discusses the upcoming event- his first ever London concert – and aspects of his remarkable career, including adapting his classic themes for the concert, unreleased film & non-film work, and the incredible longevity and ongoing popularity of Italian film music.

One area we discuss in detail is the uniqueness in having so much of his work released commercially – a seemingly common aspect for Italian composers and soundtrack publishers.

In Part 2 of the interview (to follow Tuesday Oct. 29th), we’ll also touch upon the remarkable sound engineering that went into so many of Italy’s film music recordings of the 70s and 80s.

Also uploaded are soundtrack reviews for a quartet of La-La Land releases: an expanded edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s The Challenge [M], a 2-CD set of James Horner’s Patriot Games [M], Alan Silvestri’s Red 2 [M] (2013), and an expanded release of Shirley Walker’s Turbulence [M].

Coming soon: more DVD / Blu-ray review, plus that nostalgia piece tied to the 3rd annual International Independent Video Store Day, which will henceforth be called Video Store Day because it’s way shorter, and easier to type.





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