Twilight Time’s Body Double (1984) + Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955)

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It's a phallic joke. He's 'drilling' her with his 'tool'. Got it?

Uploaded is a review of Henry King’s drippy romance Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955) which still holds its own, largely due to its story, its striking and skilled cast, and a director who knew where to sneak in risqué material that would glide right past the snooty noses of the Production Code fascists. Well done, Mr. King.

I’ve significantly revised the review from the prior 2002 Fox DVD, and I’ve also uploaded and expanded my review of Brian De Palma’s Body Double (1984), which previously appeared in an issue of Rue Morgue. (The next trio of to-be-expanded RM reviews will include TT’s The Other and Mindwarp, and Mondo Macabro’s superb How to Seduce a Virgin.)

Moving to site stuff, I did some research while listening to Silva’s next pair of Doctor Who releases (expect the reviews to appear ‘round tomorrow) and I think I found a Word Press theme that meets the needs of both the review site and the Editor’s Blog, which also needs an overhaul. I’ll post alerts when the design trials are underway, but I’m pretty sure which theme I’ll implement.

You can go through as many ‘Best Themes’ lists and peruse various designer sites, but picking one that fits one’s needs and visual style is highly subjective. I wanted something clean yet easily to manipulate so I can create static pages and organize data with ease. If you hear some muffled potty words around New Year’s Day, that’s just me working through the theme’s “ease of implementation.” Advance apologies if it reaches your borough & city, but sound does travel more in the clean, sterile dryness of winter.)

Coming next: soundtrack reviews, and a triplet of Dutch  productions – Borgen: Season 3, A Hijacking, and The Hunt, which were all to some degree written by Borgen’s Tobias Lindholm.





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