James Coburn is… In Like Flint!

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On Things Flinty:

On the one hand, it’s a shame super spy Derek Flint only enjoyed two feature films, but maybe Fox pulled out just as the spy spoof sub-genre was running out of steam – especially when the owners of a legit James Bond property chose to spoof the franchise in Casino Royale (1967).

Star James Coburn likely wanted to move on to meaty dramatic roles, and as the studio system was going down in flames, there were less glossy films into which the Fox could plop young contract players, including those from TV.

More than Our Man Flint [M] (1966), the sequel In Like Flint [M] (1967) is filled with fine character actors and newcomers, including some familiar faces from Fox’ Batman series, Paramount’s Star Trek, and in Twilight Time’s extras gallery, there’s sultry Deanna Lund (Land of the Giants), whose screen test revealed a genuine screen presence… but a limited dramatic range; maybe it was the dialogue, or the heat from the klieg lights.

TT’s Blu-ray looks and sounds great, and features all of the extras from the prior Ultimate Flint boxed set from 2006, plus an isolated stereo score track. I’m still missing the TV movie that remains exclusive to the set, though. Our Man Flint: Dead on Target looks awful in the clips sampled within the featurettes, but it’s filled with CanCon fromage.

Coming soon: a wholly different editorial on Starlight, the proposed Canadian film channel recently discussed in rather traditional media columns.



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