Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel

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Just uploaded is a review of Hans Zimmer’s score for Man of Steel [M] from Water Tower Music, which was released on CD, LP, and as a deluxe CD set that enables buyers to download DTS Headphone: X versions of CD 1’s contents.

The sexy attraction? It’s an emulation of the 11.1 mix that Hans hears when he composed the score. (The review contains from explanatory links – Thanks James!)

Also of note: Michael A. Levine recently published a great piece on his time with Zimmer in the aptly titled “Why Hans Zimmer Got The Job You Wanted (And You Didn’t)” and tautly addresses some of the most popular criticisms leveled at the composer. While the piece may not change his critics’ views, there’s no doubt Zimmer is a masterful producer and works hard to meet the needs of his clients – as should any composer – but there is the odd project which, for whatever reason, sometimes things don’t quite click, and Man of Steel is a perfect example.


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