CD: Thief (2014)

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Thief2014Score: Very Good

LabelSumthing Else

Released:  February 25, 2014


Tracks / Album Length:  20 tracks / (45:09)

Composer: Luc St-Pierre

Special Notes:  Includes colour booklet.




The stealth nature of Thief mandates a score that’s almost purely about subterfuge, evasion, discovery, and remaining in a state of constant vigilance, which Luc St-Pierre handles with a blend of orchestra and electronics that accentuate dizzying figures, electrical feedback, and simple pulses to maintain the propulsion of St-Pierre’s generally suspense-laden score.

Cues like “House of Blossoms” feature a heavy analogue bass groove, distant distorted guitar and ambient tone clouds, whereas the album’s midsection drifts between short bouts of heavy action to more extended atmospheric cues that are less about fixed rhythms and motifs and more about drifting sounds which frequently morph into opposing clouds (often strings versus grungy metallics), or extended pulse cues, such as the slightly wooden beats in “Library Escape.”

With orchestral, electronic, and rock styled cues (including the John Murphy-esque “Uprising”), Thief offers a good variety of moody material in this cleanly mastered album from a composer well-versed in scoring multiple genres, including video games, feature films and documentaries.



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