Podcast on BSV 1172’s World Premiere + Tom Roston & Norman Wilner at Bay Street Video, Pt.1

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Teaser-Poster-02-SDUFF-branded-Flat-768x1024Today’s podcast upload is part Bonus Review Content, and part shameless self-promotion, but it also explains a brief pause in review uploads this week as several things sort of compacted into a short time period, so let’s go through things in order.

I’ve posted a podcast that covers two areas: 1) the World Premier of my short experimental doc BSV 1172: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Video Store at the San Diego Underground Film Festival, and 2) a kind of follow-up to my prior book review and podcast interview with I Lost It at the Video Store author Tom Roston.

Soon after the podcast’s publication, Roston appeared in conversation with NOW magazine’s Norman Wilner at Toronto’s Bay Street Video, and the roughly 90 min. in-store event also included moments of audience Q&As, so while that audio recording was originally intended for release on Video Store Day, I held it back for my film’s premiere because BSV 1172 was shot on location at Bay Street Video, so there’s more than a thematic relationship between a film that fixates on the day-to-day nuances of a video store, and a book on what Roston describes as video store culture: those who frequented shops in their youths, what those shops offered consumers, their impact on our entertainment habits, and how that culture impacted future filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and Kevin Smith. (Note: I also recommended reading Noel Mellor’s nostaglia tome Adventures in VHS.)

ILostItAtTheVideoStore_cvr_sToday’s podcast includes personal thoughts on BSV 1172  as it relates to the current shops in Toronto + the first half of the Roston-Wilner Q&A. This audio-only program is available on iTunes, Libsyn, and YouTube, and Part 2 will follow early next week. (The audio quality is a bit more variable in Part 2, but I’m up to the challenge in making it work.)

Those curious about my experimental film – it was almost entirely shot with 30+ year old vintage tube cameras and video processors – can check out links and posts at Big Head Amusements.

Delusion1991_VHSMentioned near the end of the podcast is a video label called IRS Media that put out a handful of titles before disappearing from the market, and among their best-known productions and releases are Shakes the Clown (1991), One False Mood (1992), My New Gun (1992), Eraserhead (1977), Blood and Concrete (1991), and Delusion (1991), of which the latter I reviewed from my old widescreen laserdisc.

I mention it because it’s an excellent neo-noir, and it’s a classic orphan film screaming for a proper Blu-ray release.

Twilight Time? Olive? KINO? Anyone? Please?

PercyAlso cited in the podcast’s intro is a particular pooch who visited the store when he was in Toronto. His unique presence is heard around the 20 minute mark, and you can hear both guests and the audience react with delight. His name is Percy, he’s a French bulldog, and he’s a member of the #dogsofbsv clique on Instagram. He is (reportedly) never unhappy.

Lastly, also noted in the podcast intro is the nearly final round of Suspect Video selling off their remaining stock, so check out their Facebook page for info on both its progress and plans for a return in a new online incarnation.

When Suspect closes its current shop in the Honest Ed’s environs, Toronto will have roughly 8-9 shops left, almost all in the west end. Its closure makes the issues bandied about in Roston and Wilner’s discussion all the more important.

I’ve got two podcasts to tackle next – interviews with the directors of The Age of Consequences and Do Not Resist, of which both films are screening at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema – and the second installment of ArtScopeTO, showcasing artists Kris Bovenizer and Dawn Hemmy whose work is currently exhibited at the Urban Gallery.

Expect the first podcast within the next 24 hours + film reviews.



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